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On the Quest
for the Riven Blade
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Now the real fun begins! The Path of Peril Prologue will take you back to early struggles between humans and Jamari, exposing a glimpse of their web of alliances and deceit. In the first chapter you will meet BRIA, a young woman who finds herself under attack in the heart of the Griffin Lands. Next you discover MARHOUST at both his best and worst as an up-and-coming knight of the Golden Tide. Lastly you will be introduced to BARON FRALEN, commander of the enemy army, as he struggles to untangle the motives of his own King. Three file formats are available for you to read either on your computer or ereader:

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If you enjoy the beginning as much as I've enjoyed writing it, please "Purchase" the ebook and find out what happens! Feel free to "Contact" me with your comments and suggestions.

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