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The Riven Blade Saga is a fully completed epic fantasy trilogy that begins with "Path of Peril."

"The World" gives you the teaser synopsis of Path of Peril. It briefly explains the overall arc of the book, and introduces you to the six main characters and the challenges that they face. Each chapter in the book is through the eyes of one of these characters, and they interact quite often - both in supportive and combative situations.

I certainly couldn't expect your support without giving you an opportunity to read, so the "Free Chapters" link gives you access to early chapters of "Path of Peril". You'll meet the characters, get a sense of my writing style and the overall pacing of the story. Don't worry - the action starts pretty fast.

The "Raves from Readers" are comments folks have sent in about the book so far. Believe it or not, none of these people are related to me!

You can use the "Purchase" link to order an ebook from your preferred source. Also, feel free to "Contact" me with any comments or suggestions, and if you have a rave I'd love to add it to the list!

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