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On the Quest
for the Riven Blade
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Pinixer has fallen to the army of Thrall, and the Griffin Confederation is splintering. High Lord Hinrik Biel has been assassinated, tuskar tribes are attacking their villages, and their greatest fighting force, the Golden Tide, is powerless to move against the enemy.

In a world where magic is forbidden by both nobles and priests, secret societies struggle for dominance. The militaristic Order uses the blood of sacrificed victims to increase their power and control the young Thrall king. They are opposed by the Laesan Sisterhood, high-born women with natural magic abilities striving to create greater human acceptance of magic. The native Jamari, defeated by humans centuries before, have renewed hope for retribution. The enchanted Gate Mirrors have been found, and their plan for the Retaking is set to begin.

Determining the outcome of the struggle in book one are: BRIA, a young girl striving for self-determination but forced into a perilous battle to save herself and her people; MARHOUST, a banished knight thrust into the even more dangerous world of political intrigue; BARON FRALEN, Thrall’s greatest general, who faces a merciless adversary questioning his loyalty and threatening all that he loves; LADY DEIDRE, widow of High Lord Biel, desperately trying to save the Confederation while furthering the Sisterhood's agenda; VISICUS, Order apprentice in the dark art of blood magic, who harbors an insatiable thirst for power; and KILIAN, a reclusive Jamari mystic whose frightening dream-visions lead him into reluctant cooperation with humans.

Confounding them all is the reemergence of the Riven Blade, a powerful artifact granting its wielder incredible power, and a hidden curse. In a world where the most obvious threat is rarely the greatest danger, survival will require both skill and luck.

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