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The following are comments and testimonials from readers who have read the sample chapters. None of them are even related to me! :) I'd love to hear your Comments too!

I am glad the author contacted me in connection with his novel because I surely enjoyed the excerpts thoroughly. In fact I wish I had the whole trilogy especially after reading the excerpts. I think the writer has a lot of talent and the book will become very popular and successfull! I would personally very much like to see this trilogy of his published and many more books in the future!- Hermann P.

You got the stuff. Keep at it! You've given me some ideas to help my first story see the light of day.- Shayne J.

Always happy to help a fellow writer. Story so far is good, and I look forward to reading the rest.- Simon L.

WOW......I stumbled across a thread encouraging others to have a look at your work in the ASOIAF site. I enjoyed every bit that I read and sincerely hope to be able to read the rest of the series. Allow me to share my voice in saying I hope this is published. I look forward to seeing it (and purchasing ) on the bookshelves.-- Dawn

I really enjoyed what I have read so far. I would love to be able to purchase the series as soon as it is available! What you have written is better in the extreme to other published fantasy books I have read. In fact, I would say it is among the best I have ever read! Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you get published.- Bobbi T.

I've read it, and I'm really enjoying this book so far. The prose is nice to read (which is a VERY good thing to have in a book), and I like the fantasy world and characters.- Brett I.

I thought this was great and I am sure this will be picked up and I'm hoping to read the entire book one day.- Charles N.

Very well written hope to see it in stores soon.- Michael D.

The excerpts look great and hope to be able to get a hold of this book soon.- Joshua A.

Alright. Love the characters and plot line...I want to read more.- Atocha J.

Good book so far, realistic, and exciting. Keep up the good work! - Travis T.

I was pleasantly surprised. It's original, grabs you and pulls you in. Unfortunately, I now find myself wondering when I get to finish it. - Sean B.

A very promising piece of work -- all the best in getting it published, I look forward to completing the saga. - Simon L.

Awesome! You had me intrigued with the first few sentences of the prologue! Good Luck!! - Naomi N.

The first three chapters were amazing. I can't wait until the book gets published. Keep up the good work.-- Jaramie

I enjoyed these excerpts and look forward to reading the entire book! -- Julie H.

I can't wait to read the whole thing. Good luck getting published.- Stephanie W.

I really enjoyed what I've read so far. I wish I had the book so I could find out what happens. I think this is a winning book.- Cassandra M.

Amazing talent! Unique writing style that will set this author above and beyond anything out there right now! Incredible story line! Intriguing characters! I MUST be able to read the whole book! I have read ALOT of fantasy novels from Robert Jordan, to David Eddings, on up to Terry Goodkind. Scott will take the fantasy world by storm, and obviously by blade captivating each reader with a new style and a new adventure! -- Katherine L.

I really enjoyed reading the excerpts! You had me hooked in the first few sentences. I can't wait to see the finished product! - Lisa G.

I really enjoyed the intro and first chapter (this was all I read before writing this). I like the fast pace. I look forward to reading the whole thing once it is published.- Paul P.

Looks like a great start - now it's up to you to finish where you have left off! - David P.

Your story has a lot of potential and my support. I was hooked at the prologue... I fell right into the story right away, and was able visualize everything with ease and it was all fluid and flowed very well making it easy to maintain my imagination while reading. - Mark S.

I think the storyline is interesting and the characters sound like my type of people. I wouldn稚 mind getting a copy when it comes out. Keep me updated. - Danny D.

I really enjoyed the writing- I love it when authors create their own races, rather than using the traditionals (Elves and dwarves, namely) From the beginning I found it interesting, and didn't have to force myself to continue to get to an exciting part.-- Rin

Thank you for showing me this Book. I will be waiting for it to be released. - Leslie T.

I'm not going to read anymore than the Prologue because I want the whole book!!! - Lynn K.

Loved the sample chapters. You appear to have created a world entirely your own, which is not true of many authors in today's fantasy market. Even given my brief encounters with the characters I can't wait to read more! - Ben G.

I recieved a message from Scott on my Myspace informing me that he was writing a book and that he had some sample chapters that were available to read. I'm glad that he sent me that message, those chapters were GREAT!!! I love the characters, setting, plot, etc. He does a great job with the pace of the story as well. It was really exciting to read about his adventures and I truly hope to hear more from him. Good Luck! - Austin H.

Best of luck with the process. Books, such as those in the Harry Potter series, which come out of nowhere, have great influence and sales success, are often called Black Swans. May the "Saga of the River Blade" be the next Black Swan. - Malcolm C.

Wow, what an incredible tale of magic and wizards. It's an amazing saga that holds you spellbound from the beginning and will definitely captivates the reader with it's mesmerizing actions. - Ana Luisa S.

I really enjoyed the excerpts, and I hope the book gets published, as I'd love to read the whole story! - Taralyn

Very good! I loved every chapter available! I can't wait to buy the first book in the Trilogy. - Brian B.

I really hope you get the book published. I've read the prologue and excerpts and am looking forward to the rest of your story! I'll be checking in at my local bookstore looking for it on the shelves. - Zachary H.

I like the story very much so far! Got to get it published so I can finishing reading!!!! - Jason H.

People love drama! I liked the theatre-type growing of the characters that is implemented in your storylines. Facial expressions, body language and details of character's actions and re-actions are important for me to visualize what's happening with their development (90% of how we humans communicate is through "body language") You've done an excellent job of this! I really hope you get this put together. I'm looking forward to seeing it on the shelf! And heck if you make it to Dayton Ohio would love to meet you for a book signing!(hint hint put it on your agent's list) Good Luck! - Eric D.

I really enjoyed the previews and I absolutely cannot wait to read it when it comes out on the shelves. Such a wonderful style that in itself is remarkable. Love it, for it is definitely the type fantasy novel that I could sink myself into. - Mary R.

I eagerly await when I can purchase a copy and keep it on the keeper shelf. It's hard to find good fiction! - Kally Jo S.

I found this to be a very interesting read. I have had few chances to see books from both sides of a war. Usually an author just rights his favorite side and leaves it to that. This would definitely be one of the books in my collection. - Michael W.

As an author as well, I understand the importance of exposure. If your series is entertaining, then it should be on the book shelves where it belongs. This is a very intriguing tale and publishers and booksellers are doing a terrible disservice to their customers by not giving this book the attention it deserves.-- D.N. Simmons, author of the Knigths of the Darkness Chronicles.

I love the prologue and the first chapter. I wouldn't read the other two, because I would prefer to read them when I get the book, make them last longer. You have a good balance of details, your descriptions are rich. The plot sounds interesting enough as well. Magic and swords, but with a unique twist. - Jack P.

From what I have read so far, this series promises to be thoughtful, provocative, and intriguing. I appreciate the opportunity to read your work and I look forward to reading the story in full after it is published. Thank you again and best of luck to you. - Josh U.

As someone who hopes to join the ranks of published authors one day, I'm only too happy to help in any way I can. I enjoyed what I have read so far and look on with interest to what comes next. Good luck. - Kyle H.

The chapters were a great read! I loved them. I don't want to compare them to other books I've read before but that's the reason why I read them lol. The action, the characters, all superb. - Lisa M.

This sounds like a worth venture. One I would definitely read if published, and if not published I'll still read it, if you send it to me. - Simcha L.

I lost a night's worth of sleep because I had a hard time putting the story down! I read the excerpts and am very eager to read more! I can say that some fantasy books have me bored from the 1st chapter but this one had my attention from the get go! Love how the author puts great detail into describing the characters and their surroundings! The story flows nice and easy! A MUST read! - Michele R.

Thanks for laboring over this fantastical book. If the remainder is only half as good as the start, I am happy to say the bloom of this genre has finally come to blossom again in the new season. Thanks again. I am eagerly anticipating the next waves. - Michele H-R.

Good luck man, hope everything works out for you. - Matthew C.

Ok, so I don't hate your writing :P. Your word choice for descriptors is occasionally ambiguous, but the story is involving, even if it is a little overly fast-paced. -- Marcus T.

The excerpts sound good, but the true creditability is in the re-readability of a book. Look forward to finding you on store shelves! - Joshua L.

I am a huge fantasy fan and reading the excerpts has made me decide I want to delve into Mr. Nelson's world. I can't wait to start reading Path of Peril! I am also an aspiring fantasy writer and sharing with other people's writing inspires me more to write.-- Michele

Path of Peril is very interesting and fast paced the characters are well developed and three dimensional. A real page turner. I would love to read the rest bring on the sequels! -- Evelyn C.

I enjoyed for the most part all of the prologue and chapters. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction of characters and the characters built for the most part and I believe that it will become an amazing series. - David H.

A great read and an interesting concept. A unique approach to magic and politics. I can't wait to read them. - Jeff B.

"People often say it is not good to be quick to judge. However, I feel that after reading the first page of a book you can get a real good sense of what type of author you are dealing with. This type of approach has led me to try books by authors such as Goodkind, Martin, and Erikson. When this novel is published I will purchase it. Why? The writing tells me that the author loves his creation. And when that is true it is easy for the reader to get caught up in that emotion as well." - Andrew B.

"Definitely the start of something special. If someone doesn't pick up this book they will be doing a great injustice to the fantasy fans of the world. I'm glad to be getting in on the ground floor of something that will be worth watching. Good luck!" - Aidan M.

"There are many of us right now waiting for something that we can really sink our teeth into and get behind. It sounds to me that you not only read the "greats" of fantasy writing, but seem to think along the same lines yourself. For that I commend you, and anything that you publish I will read. Thank you." -- Mike M.

"Very nice beginning! The little bit I was able to read left me wanting more. Please publish this or I will be forever left in the dark." - Kim A.

"From the sample chapters I can see this book will be a page turner, hard to put down. I look forward to reading this book." - Lee D.

"The idea is fantastic. The writing is scalpel clean. I need more...NOW!! ...Could this be the next Steve Erikson?!?!" - MadChaz M.

"My lord. I almost never read chapters of things online, but I am seriously impressed. After reading just the Prologue, you've got me wanting more. Let me know when the book comes out!" - Amber L.

"Excellent imagery, character development and plot building. I've read just the two chapters you provided and I want more! I really hope your book get published so that I may finish reading it." - Preston O

"From the sample chapters I can see this book will be a page turner, hard to put down. I look forward to reading this book." - Lee D.

"Well written, detail-oriented and character-driven. Well done! This should be an absorbing read!" - Maria S.

"I've already devoured the excerpts and I'm craving the rest of the book. I can't wait to see it on the shelves!" - Nicholas S

"Your whole web page drew me in. And the writing in your prologue sold me! (Don't know that I've *ever* read that fast - I was compelled to do so!) I wish you all the best with this manuscript." - Lisa L.

"I just finished reading the prologue and it was amazing. I definitely look forward to reading the entire story. Can't wait until it comes out!! I'll definitely be buying it the first day it comes out!" - Lauren K.

"Reminiscent of Tad Williams or George R. R. Martin. Just those few excerpts drew me in and have me wanting more. It would be a huge mistake not to publish this book. Mark my words - this author is going to be huge." - Kellie A.

"Hurry up and get this published so I can finish reading it! I hate teaser chapters of books for this reason. I get into something and then have to wait to read the rest. But great start. Good luck." - Melissa R.

"Finally got round to reading your excerpts, loved them! My favorite was Marhoust, I think the mark of really good writing is where you can't believe what a character has done but you feel sympathy for him by the end of the Chapter (if only his men had held formation!)" - Deornoth.

"I was once told to read until at least page twenty until I decided whether or not I would like a book. Well, I was hooked way before page twenty! Good luck getting this published, I can't wait to read the rest." - Krystal

"Good excerpts! I look forward to reading the rest!" - Jared H.

"Good luck - look forward to seeing your book fly off the shelves" - Robert P.

"I am always for a new fantasy author getting published. Your series sounds promising and I want more." - Eric M.

"Good luck, I really enjoyed the excerpts and look forward to seeing the entire book on the store shelves soon" - Jeff T.

"I do not normally read books like the Saga of the Riven Blade, but each excerpt makes me want to read more. Now I am anxious to read the entire book" - David B.

"This book shows promise; can't wait to see it in print!!!" - Jules W.

"Mr. Nelson has crafted an intriguing and rich world featuring unique, thoughtful characters. This book deserves publication!" - Aaron Y.

"Good luck - Iユll definitely be a reader!" - Billy M.

"Referred to this site when I saw it on the malazan empire forum - looks promising and it would be a shame if did not get printed" - Lee H.

"Good luck - hope to read the full book soon." - Allen W.

"Awesome! I look forward to reading the entire trilogy." - Karen V.

"This looks like a very promising read to me. The line in the excerpts intrigues me. Good work, I hope to read more." - Glenn V.

"Good luck with this project....it takes hard work and tons of determination to actually complete a novel, so to do that AND then put yourself out there in the hope of getting published deserves some credit." - Beth M.

"I like the excerpts can't wait to read the rest!!!" - Jeremy C.

"Really good... can't wait for more!" -Chooser

"I really like it so far! Even in the first five pages, the story drew me in and left me begging for more. I'm already feeling for the characters, and hope to see more of this book in the future!" - Roheryn

"Seems very interesting, would love to see it in print." - Shane C.

"You need to "hook" your reader in the first few sentences. Scott has done it!" - Andy B.

"I am glad you're being proactive in trying to establish a fan base and really eager and positive in your outlook in getting published. Good Luck" - Jason O.

"The novel shows promise, and I would like to see it get published." - Michael B.

"Best of luck to you. There should be more fantasy on the market. Don't forget to try alterative settings." - Tattooed H.

"I read the prologue and am intrigued. Best of luck in publishing." - Andrea W.

"I have high hopes. I'm looking forward to reading all of your saga in print" - Lee G.

"Canユt wait to read the whole thing! Best of luck to you." - Scott A.

"Very impressive! Excellent vocabulary and imagery. I look forward to reading the whole trilogy" - Abigail P.

"I've read the prologue and boy I was surprised at the skill level of writing displayed. Very impressive. I hope this book hit the shelf so I can add to my growing collections of professional Fantasy writers." - Kail M.

"Very interested! Hope to read more someday and best of luck to you." - Robert S.

"Good luck! I look forward to reading more!" - Joshua E.

"Can't wait to see you on Good Morning America!" - Tami S.

"A last bastion of rationality in a world where imbecility reigns supreme. Good luck on this one, Scott. Will pick it up when it hits the shelves." - Nicolai

"Good stuff, I will certainly buy this if it is ever published in England . . . brilliant stuff. Good luck!" - Graeme F.

"The best of luck to you and I hope your book gets published." - Timothy G.

"Fantastic fantasy leaving you wanting more more more!" - Lynn A.

"I read excerpts of the book and wish you all the best in your pursuit." - Peg S.

"Enjoyed the excerpts....waiting for more." - Kim G.

"Wish you the best of luck. Hope everything goes extremely well and would love to see you on the book shelves next to great writers' like Erikson, Martin and Bakker!" - Matthew K.

"After reading the prologue to "Path of Peril" I am impressed with the author's sense of direction. The characters move easily throughout the section and create a sense of participation on behalf of the reader. This is a book that draws the reader in." - Rich C.

"Your writing is exactly what I look for in sci-fi fantasy - thanks for directing me to your work :-)" - Missy H.

"Looks like an exciting book." - Cathy W.

"Hey, really, really liking this story. That opening Prologue was really good, really liked the end of it. I still need to finish reading the chapters, but I felt that I had to type this now because I loved the Prologue, and I know for a fact that I will love the other two chapters. I wish you all the best for getting published, and I can assure you that I will be buying the first book the day it gets published. I wish you the best of luck." - James L.

"Well I am definitely intrigued with the story-line in the synopsis, and would be one who would seek out and buy "Path of Peril" - Greg H.

"Is very well researched and thought out." - Martha H.

"Looks like a great book, with good ideas... Hope itユs driven by the people in the story rather than the idea and if it is then it could well be a classic! Love it so far!!!" - John L.

"Great work so far, hope that J. Scott can release his book in the near future." - Chris

"Can't wait for the book. Woot!" - Adam V.

"Scott, Great reading! Best of luck!" - Matt D.

"I like what I'm seeing so far, and I like the fact that I can talk to the author about what I have read. I will definately pick this up if/when it appears on the shelves!" - Robert D.

"While fantasy is not my favorite form of fiction, this one caught my attention as I read the prologue and I'll look forward to reading the rest!" - Eunice B.

"I can't wait to read your books!!! Bring it on baby!!!" - Jesse S.

"From what I read, very impressive. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for you and your success." - David L.

"Wonderful. Simply wonderful!" - Erin

"The book sounds intriguing. Characters have a life of their own. I find myself wanting to read the next paragraph." - James S.

"Very enjoyable....this is an awesome idea" - Bryan F.

"Looking forward to your book! Good luck getting published!" - Brian S.

"Awesome book start!! It completely reminds me of the great time I had reading the Dragonlance series! I hope you will publish your book sometime soon!" - Colby O.

"I enjoyed reading the excerpts posted here. Excellent imagery and pace to your story-I look forward to reading the rest of "Path of Peril" - J. Stefan J.

"I am eager to finish reading Path of Peril." - Scott N.

"Thanks so much for the message and opportunity to read part of your book. It has the great quality of drawing you into the story early on and almost without knowing it. I hope the book does get published so I can get involved in another world of adventures!" - Daniel C.

"Seems awesome! Can't wait to read the whole thing!!!" - Trisha T.

"Sounds like an incredible book and I cannot wait to read the full thing!" - Rob G.

"I'll admit I quite enjoyed the 1st chapter. The prologue hinted at a potentially complex world. The way the battle didnユt pan out was cool as well." - Shaun H.

"I think this book needs to be published as soon as possible, itユs so imaginative, and the depth is amazing." - Richard M.

"The story line is intriguing. I would love to get my hands on the book." - Stacy K.

"Keep up the good work. Always nice to read new fantasy authors' books. I hope it gets translated into Dutch though. Way to few fantasy books get translated into Dutch." - Sacha DJ.

"I read the excerpts, and I must say I enjoyed it. It seems to run right along with some of my favorite authors including Weis, Hickman, Jordan and Goodkind. I would love to know if, and when, the books get published. I look forward to reading the whole story." - Michael O.

"Already a big fan and I canユt wait to see more hope the book comes out soon!!!!" - Matt D.

"The chapters I read were AWESOME!!! I want more!!!!" - Michael J.

"Sounds like an interesting read. I'm looking forward to publishing (fingers-crossed)." - Benjamin O.

"Great ideas, good luck with the release." - Jess J.

"I can't wait to see your books published, good luck." - Bob S.

"Thank you for allowing me to glimpse upon your book. I thoroughly enjoyed your excerpts and I wish you the VERY best in your endeavors in publishing. I understand completely about the journey to published work; I too hope to be published one day. Again, thank you, and I hope to see your book on the shelf very soon." -Steve L.

"Read the Prologue and by the first few sentences I could tell I liked the book. J. Scott has a great use of detail and characterization." - Jared K.

"Great read. I look forward to the finished product." - Dave L.

"I read the excerpts and I thought they were awesome. Great job! Good luck to you in getting your book published, and I'll let all my fantasy loving friends know about this site." - Dennis R.

"This book is great, and it deserves to get published!" - Nick H.

"It's hard to find unique fantasy these days. I really want to read the rest of this book! PLEASE publish it so I can buy a copy!" - Amber R.

"Keep up the great work!" - Scott B.

"You're a talented writer. I'd like to see your work in print." - Joshua W.

"I wish you the best of luck with your book and I hope I get the chance to read it some time." - Matthew W.

"This looks like it will be a very good book. I am an avid fantasy reader (I read an average of 2 books a week) and almost half of the books that I read are new to me. I especially enjoy reading books by new authors, and I look forward to the publishing of this book." - Brian J.

"Great style, we need more great novelists for the genre. Hope to see it in print soon." - Jeff B.

"It pulled me in right away and I am not normally a fantasy reader. I really like Scott's writing style and vivid language." - Diane K.

"Looks like an interesting project, I think I'd like to read it. Good luck!" - Samuel C.

"I like the writing style very much, and would love dearly to read more in the future." - Jeremy R.

"I think this saga will definitely be worth purchasing in book stores. I can't wait to read more from Path of Peril. I'm already looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this saga. Good luck to you Nelson." - Sara M.

"Your book sounds intriguing. I have friends who are interested in "fantasy" writing and I have sent the info to them as well. Wishing you all the best!" - Joanie B.

"I am really interested in getting a copy of the finished product. I hope everything works out for you, and if you get it published in the next year or so I'll have a copy mailed to me in Iraq." - Miles S.

"Good luck dogg, I will definitely support you just because I think everyone deserves a chance to be heard, and I'm always looking for another book." - Frank S.

"I loved it. Keep writing!" - James S.

"I love a book that can transport me to another world in just a few paragraphs and that is what happened while reading the prologue. I will definitely be adding this series to my library once it's published!" - Aimee K.

"I adore your chapters... I hope you get published!!!!" - Amanda P.

"Lookin' forward to reading more." - Joel S.

"This book looks like it would be amazing." - Matthew C.

"Good read, looking forward to more." - Shin S.

"The characters seem very intriguing. It will be interesting to see how they develop. I wish all the luck to you and the publishing of your book!" - Maggie I.

"Just let me know when the book hits the streets and I'll gladly read it from cover to cover. Looking forward to it." - Steve K.

"Good Stuff, And Good Luck." - Kevin B.

"That is a chapter you have there. The best books are the ones that when you read them you can let your imagination run wild. Just from that one chapter I can tell that you have a great book. I canユt wait to read the whole book. Good luck." - Matthew M.

"The book was absolutely amazing. Even from what little I read, I could already tell that the rest would be awesome. It captured me almost from the first word and brought me into the world. I could picture the characters and see and hear what they did. Itユs definitely a book to be on the shelves!!" - Jody H.

"Looks like a wonderful book. Good Luck Mr Nelson, I'll be watching the shelves for your series." - Auburn B.

"I think the closest I've come to a type of book like this is The Dark Tower by Stephen King. If it is anywhere close to that, I will love it. I'm new to the fantasy genre and I hope to become a bigger fan." - Chad B.

"Congratulations Scott! Great read. Good luck in your endeavor to get published. I wish you much deserved success." - Cindy F.

"Love what I read." - Della B.

"I really like the pace and flavor of the writing. I look forward to seeing the published works on the shelves of my favorite bookstore so I can bring a copy home and read it." - Kristina T.

"At first, I thought the prologue was a bit too wordy in its use of metaphor/simile, but as I read on, I felt myself again being swept up into that world of fantasy that has captured me time and time again. I eagerly await the news that this book will be published." - Josh P.

"Excellent writing, storyline and character development. I'll definitely be buying this one when it hits the shelves!" - Michael S.

"From the excerpts that I read, it looks interesting. I hope you are not going to kill young Bria, although that could be an interesting twist." - Pete H.

"As an aspiring writer, as well as a lover of fantasy, I would love to see you succeed. It is both an inspiration and encouragement for myself and others." - Ben J.

"Nice one mate!!...Really very good...I hope it gets published soon...I'll start saving my hard earned pocket monies now :-D ...Enjoy!!..." - Robert E.

"I enjoyed the excerpts." - Renuka S.

"Looks to be a rather interesting storyline. I'm looking forward to reading it." - Daniel S.

"Can't wait to read more!" - David G.

"This looks likes an interesting book, and Iユd like to read the whole book." - Jason R.

"Referred by my son, havenユt read a good fantasy since Tolkien. This seems to be a really good idea and liked the style of writing very much. All the luck on getting this published." - Allison C.

"I think this saga sounds cool and I will read/buy it when it comes out ^_^" - Aidenia

"I loved your stuff! Best of luck to you!" - Dani J.

"I love fantasy novels, so I hope u r a success." - Roger M.

"I canユt wait for the book to come out....I canユt wait to read it!" - Caitlin T.

"I hope for the best. Good luck, and may you achieve much success with this." - Adnan A.

"So far so good....ya got my vote! Thanks for telling me about it. I wish you the best of luck!" - Donnie R.

"I read the prologue and it certainly seems that you have talent. It was really refreshing to read an intro where the 'good characters' are actually killed. Who knows, you might be the next David Gemmell. I know I would like to be, but I never find the time to write :( Good luck with it." - Krassen

"Hey, I hope this goes through, I'd love to pick up a copy." - Jonathan B.

"A fantastic read! Your characters are well thought out and after one chapter I felt as if I knew them well. I can't wait to read it in print!" - Zach A.

"I thinks its great can't wait for it to get published" - Dylan K.

"I will keep an eye out for your books." - Laura P.

"My lord. I almost never read chapters of things online, or sign people's petitions, but I am seriously impressed. After reading just the Prologue, you've got me wanting more. Let me know when the book comes out!" - Amber L.

"You sound really awesome. I hope this does help and wish you the best of luck in your journey to becoming a full fledged author." - Christopher J.

"This sounds like a promising book! Great beginning, I want to read the rest!" - Mindy H.

"Your books look to be very promising, I hope to see more from the series in the future. :)" - J. C.

"Sounds like it will be an amazing book. Just the right style for my taste. Hope everything turns out well so that I can pick this book up and read the whole thing." - Kirsten P.

"Wow the first 2 chapters are awe inspiring, Gotta get this published so I can finish it, if not I'll be forced to re read Dragon lance again. So gotta get this done!" - Justin S.

"Fantasy writing has always held my concentration near a book's pages and will continue to do so when writing such as this exists in our world." - Jacob D.

"Okay, you have succeeded in capturing my interest. Now I cannot wait to see how this story plays out. Look forward to the book's release." -Michael H.

"I would be very interested in reading the rest. I will wait patiently for this formality to come to pass. Thank you for the opportunity to read this." - Brad S.

"I thought what I read was pretty good. It reminded me of some things that Terry Brooks writes and I love his writing. Everything I read was awesome." - Daniel F.


"J~!!!! I canユt wait to read the full books. You should also consider having a riven blade made so that the readers can buy it eventually if you get the type of exposure that I think that you will reading these excerpts." - Quinn A.

"Outstanding! Keep up the great work!" - Eddie O.

"Find the story very intriguing and would love to see it published." - Isabella G.

"The book looks great, thanks for contacting me! Hope you get it published." - Kyle P.

"Scott, this is very cool. Good Luck." - Michael D.

"Looks good so far, keep it up and I hope you get published. There isn't as much good new fantasy as there used to be, hope I get to read your book in the very near future :)" - Rob W.

"Very good. Thank you for the link and good luck with your publisher...you really shouldn't have any problems at all." - Amy S.

"Keep up the good work, and best of luck getting published. It's good material, so you've got a great chance." - Walker

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"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the synopsis and first two chapters of the Riven Blade Saga. The writing style is descriptive and stays on point, and allowed for very good visualization. This book has the style and format of my liking, and I will be quite disappointed not to be able to read the story. I will definitely purchase the novel were it to be published, and recommend it to friends and family who enjoy good fantasy novels." - Jennifer G.

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"Good luck dude... I loove this stuff ノ I must read your book or I will perish!" - Lisa L.

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"Fascinating read with top-notch characterization. My mind yearns to read more! I hope the next time I read an excerpt from the Saga of the Riven Blade, I will be sitting down with a cup of Starbucks coffee at the local Barnes & Noble, enjoying my recent purchase." - Tenzin A.

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"Just read the prologue and first two chapters and I'm pretty impressed. Much better than some published authors I've read." - Chris W.

"Sounds good, keep up the good work ^^" - Caitrin C.

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